The Netherlands

Project description

Velodrome size: 200, 182 or 167 x 5.65 meters

The Flex Track is a unique detachable velodrome with a length of 200 meters, which also can be shortened further to a track length of 182 or 167 meters for a six-day event. The track is constructed from 104 steel trusses, 104 wooden track elements, an outer boarding, a safety zone and an inside boarding and can be built up within 24 hours. The Flex Track is in terms of driving characteristics and geometry at least equivalent to a permanent track. The track has already been used several times for six-day events in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Tilburg (NL), Hasselt (B) and Cremona (IT).

Technical specifications:
Track length: 200, 182, 167 meters
Track width: 5.65 meters
Safety Zone: 2.50 meters wide
Floor space:200 meter track: 89 x 45 meters
182 meter track: 80 x 45 meters
167 meter track: 72 x 45 meters
Surface infield:200 meter track: 1950 square meters
182 meter track: 1740 square meters
167 meter track: 1480 square meters