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Some engineering roles have traditionally existed, anchoring life in the workplace; other jobs have emerged and evolved as the technology they support has advanced. They also monitor systems for threats and ensure optimal safety measure to maintain the integrity and security of those systems. 10 Tech Companies With the Highest Paying Sales Jobs The tech industry is a lucrative area to be a salesperson. Gilead Sciences. Chemical Engineers use chemistry to create and problem solve. Belasco notes: “A gulp-worthy 60% of freshmen engineering students eventually drop-out or change majors.”, For those with the guts and the gumption to earn an engineering degree, the jobs are lucrative and plentiful. From the Tube train you took to work this morning to the machine that made your morning latte, right to the building you’re sitting in and the computer you’re reading this on right now, everything around you was designed, built and is maintained by engineers. Unsurprisingly, electrical engineers are subject matter experts in all things electric, employing their finely tuned skills to a wide variety of industries, roles and locations. address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland. Civil Engineers take their expertise to the streets, literally. So read on, and find out where your skills could be best utilised! Petroleum engineering is undoubtedly the highest paying of all the engineering careers. Facebook. As a result, engineering is one of the fastest growing and best-paid professions in the world. In a world where businesses are constantly looking to optimise production and manufacturing costs, eliminate wastefulness, and comply with environmental obligations, industrial engineers can be worth their weight in gold. Average salary: $83,540 (£63,570) (higher for chartered personnel). Engineering is a thriving, lucrative field with plenty of opportunity and variety. Here are five of the best-paying engineering-related jobs and the skills and companies that pay … The best-paid 25 percent made $191,780 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $103,610. As a result, they need to be as adept in dealing with humans as they do anything mechanical. As a result, civil engineering is typically broken down into sub-disciplines, including: Although these are the more prominent areas, there are many other subspecialties, including municipal, surveying, plant, earthquake and forensic engineering. The top-ten companies listed below are obviously some of the larger, often internationally … 2. Highest paying occupations: 20 occupations with the highest median annual pay. 2. There are many large multinational companies that specialise in chemical engineering, including BASF, DowDuPont and Sinopec. Sixteen of the 20 highest paying companies are based in California, and each of them are in areas with the most high-tech jobs. Many engineers also choose to pursue careers with NASA in the US or the European Space Agency (ESA) in the UK. As a result, mechanical engineers are highly employable by almost any large organisation that owns factories or manufacturing plants. These pros help plan and execute infrastructural plans and designs that make life safe and efficient. Nvidia. For those who are thinking of starting a career in engineering, you don’t have to look too far for inspiration. Plant Managers ensure that the workplaces they oversee are operating safely and efficiently. 1. 20 Awesome Companies Hiring Engineers Now, Why You Need to Stop Saying “I’ll Be Happy When…”. Aside from military engineering, this is the oldest engineering discipline in the world and is concerned with the building and maintenance of the built and natural environment. Top 20 Engineering Companies in Nigeria with Description. Tesla: 22.0% of engineering students ranked this automobile company among their top five ideal employers. Ensuring accessibility, versatility and security are fundamental to this role. Which engineering field do you want to work in? Most of the large aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus, offer positions directly, although it is also possible to work for part-specific companies such as GE or Rolls-Royce (who build engines). Software engineers write, test, implement and update the software code that is used by computers, applications and other digital platforms; as a result, it’s important to possess excellent programming skills as well as an aptitude for problem solving. Glassdoor ® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc. Engineering seems to be an ever-expanding field, and across the board, engineering jobs are hot. These roles continue to evolve, creating rich opportunities for job seekers. The highest-paying company in 2019 pays a median salary of $170,929 — here are 9 other companies that pay the most. BLS reports: “Employment of software developers is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to, For those with the guts and the gumption to earn an engineering degree, the jobs are lucrative and plentiful. Mechanical engineering is a very broad discipline and, at its core, is essentially the design and maintenance of anything that is composed of moving parts. Their knowledge can identify and estimate the suitability of potential drilling sites. As an added bonus, many of the companies who are seeking these skills, such as Dell, Intel and Microsoft, are often named among the top companies to work for. Chief executives earn an average mean salary of $194,350. With a median salary of $132,280, petroleum engineer is one of the highest paying engineering jobs of 2019. According to Glassdoor data, capturing average base pay salary data from nearly 60,000 respondents, engineers across disciplines earn salaries at the following rates relative to their experience: In Glassdoor’s recent 50 best Jobs in America for 2019, nearly 20 percent of the top-ranked jobs were in the engineering field.

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