how to get an untamed budgie back in its cage

I got her a brand new little budgie play gym too but she's terrified of that and she's just walking around on the floor. Update: @Hannah- I just fed it so it won't be hungry for a awhile. They were physically abused by their old owner so they really, really dislike humans. Make sure that the budgie is comfortable on arriving at its new home. Usually that is enough of a cue and the bird steps up on the handle of the net and goes into the cage. Lv 7. If the recapture of an escaped bird moves beyond a closed room, your campaign of recapture needs to be well planned. After all, All I want is to my Budgies to be happy and healthy! Now, birds are smart. I have 2 that are untamed, 1 that I'm working with to get tamed and 3 that are tamed. So the most important thing to do is put the budgie's cage out in the middle of the lawn, maybe up on a table so it is easy to see. Is it bad to let an untame budgie out of its cage? Just calmly put your hand in the cage, near the door, and let your budgie get used to your presence. 13. Log in sign up. Give the budgie about two weeks to settle in. However, they were handtamed by the breeder I purchased from. Watch here . Also, keep the cage at eye level so that there is no frequent movement from above the cage. Followers 0. getting budgie back into cage. and I also want to know how to tame a budgie in an easy way. Don't beat the cage ever when the budgie is near. Anyhow, would it be a good idea to let both of my budgies out of the cage even if they're untamed by me? My budgie is untamed. Thanks! Ive had my budgie for around a month now, Im still working on the taming, I haven't had any success in the taming, but should I take out my budgie … Press J to jump to the feed. my budgies is already 7 months with me and i still cannot tame them....they really like to get out of the cage so I always let them get out of the cage..and then i saw this video on how to tame budgies that you are not allowed to get your budgies out of the cage if it is this true? Budgies do love to have plenty of space to explore and fly in their cage. I have acquired 2 budgies a week ago and they are still untamed by me. Your parakeet does not have an innate knowledge of what objects are safe for him to approach, handle or consume. Otherwise, chasing an untamed budgie around the house will cause much stress to you and the budgie. 2 Answers. Then put a chair nearby and start calling to your budgie. This will not build love or trust. We're in a room with no mirrors, closed curtains & doors. Try leaving the cage door open and having a toys, or treats, outside for them to greet. Place your hand inside the cage after a few days. Posted by 7 months ago. Your budgie knows its cage is a place of safety, a place that provides shelter, food, drink and love. Your budgie feels threatened by the hand in its cage, it seems it as a potential predator. If one refuses the dowel, he has three tries and then I get out the net. 13. Hello everyone. Keep in mind to supervise them in case accidents happen so you can assist them. Give it some time to get used to its new surroundings - about three or four days at least. He's going to notice that this isn't his old cage. Lv 4. Budgies get all worked up when they have things moving over their head. Budgie Capturing Kit. Archived. Her budgies are not tame as she has never handled them. Personally, I would use a thin towel, because gloves scare the birds. Once your budgie gets used to its new surroundings, the taming process can be started. 0 2. The Home. That's an excellent idea! I always let them out first thing in the morning and they stay out until they go to ved at night (I’m home all day) I had to put them back into their cage because I was leaving earlier and I took a pretty nasty bite from my untame budgie. However, make sure your sink is clean first. For my Glass Cage, they are all safe and I have no single problem with the safety of my birds. Parakeets take a lot of time and patience to train, but can be tamed enough to sit on your finger or shoulder and may even learn a few words. (Don't blame them) I put them in a temporary cage which is 39 by 20 by 32-inches so they could settle and adjust to my household, and adjust to me. No, you should not let your parakeet out of its cage until its gotten used to its cage and has been tamed. Good choice on deciding to get his wings clipped. Never do anything to make your budgie scared or nervous. I guess ideally I should have waited till she was a little more tame before letting her out but, I felt so sorry keeping her in the cage. Answer Save. Thanks! I just rescued a Budgie that was found outdoors eating weed seed on the ground. Thanks! Feeding him after putting him in the new cage also helps distract him from the transition. 8 years ago. There is a question just below yours asking how to help get a budgie that flew away back! Just take the budgie in its cage, less stress, and the vet will know what to do from there. If you let your parakeet out now, it's not going to want to return to its cage. Tips on moving untamed budgies to a new cage? My last Budgie cage was Do it yourself Cage with Self-Adhesive Wallpaper. I recommend getting the flight feathers on one wing clipped and investing in an open stand if you want to hand tame your bird. Do I just leave and wait for her to go back or what? I got two rescue budgies in November. Fill it with food and water and leave the door open. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Make sure it's on a level surface. Helpful 72 Not Helpful 11. It will scare him. You’ll need a budgie-capturing kit consisting of a net and towel, a cage or carrying box, a cage cover, a millet spray, and a recording of budgies chattering (an MP3 on your mobile phone will do the trick). It's not a good idea to let an untamed or aggressive bird out of the cage because he might attack people in the home; your methods for dealing with the behavior will be limited if your bird is loose in your home. It will adapt on its own. Helpful 46 Not Helpful 8. If you prefer, you can also fill up your sink with a small amount of water. I have two budgies and one of them still isn’t very tame. As always, speak to your bird in a soothing voice while this is happening. 8 years ago. Talk to it sweetly and quietly as you wait for it to adjust but do not try to handle it. Step 2: Start interacting with the budgie. In summer maybe I will add more ventilation holes in the back. Budgie Talk ; getting budgie back into cage Sign in to follow this . The 3 that are tamed let me carry them back into the cage (basically they ride my finger in) and the semitame one usually requires a couple minutes to get her onto my finger so she can go back in. Consider having their wings clipped while they're in a training period. Hannah . However, since he's spent some time getting acquainted with the new environment, it shouldn't be a stressful or foreign experience. User account menu. When it is time to go back in the cage, no matter what time of the day, I announce, "Bed Time" and get out the dowel and have them step up and put them in the cage. What i plan to do it get the bird a larger cage and begin to tame it or perhaps rescue a new mate for the bird. Additionally, you should set up a play area for your bird with different perches, toys, swings, and ladders to keep it occupied. Also, make sure that you grip firmly but not too tightly. How to get an untamed budgie back into its cage? A neighbor said it had been visiting his outdoor feeders; must be an escape. (Did I mention I have 2 cats??) Anything you do like that to integrate your bird's life with yours will increase your understanding of each other and keep you both happier. For more advice from our Veterinary co-author, including how to hand train your parakeet, keep reading! Relevance. With a towel, the bird is completely covered and can’t see anything to scare it. By Guest appyarry, April 18 ... Im having awful trouble with Bobby I let him out and he goes straight in Candys cage and stays put only way I can get him back in his own cage is to pick him up and about 20 mins of trying to catch him first. Use Google for researching tips on how to tame your parakeet. Helpful 67 Not Helpful 10. Stay close to the cage. It is painless if done correctly, and they will regrow at the next molt. 4. While your parakeet is probably still vaguely threatened by your hand, he is at least familiar with it. I feel miserable leaving him in a cage all the time, but I am worried if I let him out to fly around the room I won't be able to get him back in! You don't want to constrict the budgie's breathing. James. She's not yet tame, so how do I get her back in? When it’s time for your parakeet to go back to its cage, get it on your finger and guide it back. Be patient it will fly back when it is ready. Never rush your budgie. I am hopeful the new cage has bar spacing of only about 3/8 of an inch and no wider than 1/2 inch, because with cages that have any bigger bar spacing, budgies can get caught between the bars and injure themselves or even worse cannot get unstuck and can die. You will get great satisfaction having your budgie hop onto your hand when it’s time to go back into the cage after being out for a fly. Should you take out budgie if it's untamed? Return your budgie to his room after playtime is over, placing him in the new cage. Keep its head covered while you trim the nails so that he isn't freaked out by all the sights. Set the bath in the bottom of the cage where your budgie can jump in. If you need a more immediate fix your going to have to catch it by hand. Take the budgie in there, and close the door so it can't fly away. Place it in slowly and hold it in place for about 10 minutes, never forcing your bird to go near it. Also, make sure the cloth you use is smooth enough so that his nails don't get caught up in it. You are your little bird's flock, after all. Close. Favorite Answer. The wing clip will allow him to control his descent if he freaks out and flies away and keep him from going up and getting hit by a ceiling fan or something. Whats the best way about handling a bird who hasn't been handled before (shes owned this bird for 5 months and its mate was an older bird).

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