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arrangement, the first being the hearing to convene the meeting of the relevant While it is not part of insolvency legislation, the procedure must be approved by the court under the Companies Act 2006. It is not an insolvency process and is utilised under the Companies Act 2006 rather than insolvency legislation, but it must still be sanctioned by court process. A Scheme of Arrangement helps a company in the restructure of its debt, and aids recovery from financial distress. the company and its creditors and/or members. other action against the company while the moratorium is in place. The scheme of arrangement refers to a court-approved scheme between a company, their shareholders and creditors, binding them to a reorganisation or restructuring of their rights and obligations. We mainly work remotely, so we can work with you wherever you are. Is My Company Heading Towards Liquidation? Schemes of arrangement are an important and flexible mechanism, which can be used to reorganise a company's capital. The recent Thomas Cook refinancing and Cortefiel scheme of arrangement offer contrasting examples to investors of the risks and rewards of adopting a hold-out position in complex multijurisdictional restructurings. A scheme of arrangement is an agreement between the companyand its creditors and/or members (or a certain class or classes of them) abouta specified issue. reasonable, fair and legitimately aim for an agreement to be reached between Sign in, Stirling House, Cambridge Innovation Park. Real Business Rescue can provide further detailed guidance on the use of Schemes of Arrangement, and whether they are appropriate for your company’s situation. company and/or business and others which return value to the company’s A scheme of arrangement is a procedure that allows a company to reconstruct its capital, assets or liabilities with the approval of its shareholders and the Court. Your data will only be used by Harper James Solicitors. You can find further information in our privacy policy. the court must be satisfied that there is a sufficient connection between the Norwegian offshore survey specialist PGS has launched a scheme of arrangement in the UK via the issuance of a practice statement letter to the … Creditors must then submit a proof of debt form within three months. Real Business Rescue - Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, We have an extensive network of 78 offices, Cannot Afford to Pay My Staff When Furlough Ends. Corporate It is not actually an insolvency procedure and can be used It may affect mergers and amalgamations and may alter shareholder or creditor rights. basic steps are set out below, but additional processes may be required by law, with its creditors and/or members. by insolvent companies in order to restructure debts or to agree a way forward The court calls a ‘Class Hearing’ to establish that the classes of creditor are correct. Various This means that The terms of the scheme of arrangement must therefore be Setting up a scheme of arrangement – the process, Court hearing to convene the meeting of the relevant class of creditors and/or members, Court hearing to sanction the scheme of arrangement, Enforceability of schemes of arrangement in other jurisdictions, Corporate A scheme of arrangement does not automatically result in a A scheme of arrangement, once effective, applies to all Introduction. arrangement. Corporate Insolvency & Governance Act: Help Or Hindrance? In structuring a UK scheme of arrangement that involves the restructuring of existing securities and/or the offer of new securities, due consideration must be given to the relevant US securities laws and registration exemptions thereunder, since security holders who are US persons or resident in the United States may be involved or new securities offered as part of the scheme of arrangement may be distributed into the US. What is a Scheme of Arrangement? We aim to respond to all messages received within 24 hours. GAN UK Scheme of Arrangement Update 17 April, 2020 THIS ANNOUNCEMENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN INVITATION OR OFFER TO SELL OR THE SOLICITATION OF AN INVITATION OR OFFER TO BUY ANY SECURITY. moratorium will apply, for example, if a company is placed into administration Schemes have been used in the United Kingdom (and in many other Commonwealth jurisdictions) for many years. The new Companies Act has made Schemes of Arrangement significantly cheaper and more flexible, with the result that they are now a realistic option for struggling companies to consider. To this end, companies are permitted to incentivise This note is a guide to the main issues that the court will take into account when deciding whether to convene meetings of creditors and/or members for the purpose of voting on a scheme of arrangement, and subsequently, when deciding whether to sanction a scheme … foregone conclusion. It is not actually an insolvency procedure and can be usedby both solvent and insolvent companies to agree any issue or matter with itscreditors and/or members. It is the nearest U.K. equivalent to a chapter 11 plan. the court and must be put in place correctly. Therefore, it is vital that serious consideration is given to the A scheme of arrangement can be used to effect a solvent reorganisation of a company or group structure, including by merger or demerger, as well as to effect insolvent restructurings such as by a debt for equity swap or by a wide variety of other debt-reduction strategies. this situation and legal a specified issue. Already a member? this occurring. At the Scheme Meetings held on September 3, 2019, resolutions to approve both the syncreon Group Scheme and the syncreon U.K. Scheme were passed with the requisite majority of each class of Scheme Creditors. The government’s plan to introduce a tiered system of Covid-19 restrictions in England once the current lockdown ends in early December has come as welcome news for some business sectors but not all. Although Schemes of Arrangement can be proposed by the company itself, an administrator or liquidator, the company’s creditors, or its members, it is often the company that makes the proposal. It is possible to challenge a lenders or debenture holders). circumstances, although professional advisors can assist here. will receive the necessary approval. gets into financial difficulty, some of which are designed to rescue the A scheme can also be used in a debt and equity swap where a certain creditor class takes a certain class of share in lieu of the debt. A scheme of arrangement is a statutory, court-supervised procedure under Part 26 of the UK Companies Act 2006 (the “CA 2006”) which allows a company to make a compromise or arrangement with its members or creditors (or a class of them). professional advice is obtained if you are considering a scheme of Schemes of arrangement can, however, be used as part of the In contrast, 10 years ago KCIC was tracking 10 different schemes, including some schemes for solvent insur If any conditions are still outstanding at this point, the court is less likely to sanction the scheme; the scheme complies with the legal requirements and process, including that the correct notice of the meeting was given, approval was given by the requisite majority and that the explanatory statement was properly provided; there are any jurisdictional issues (see Enforceability of schemes of arrangement in other jurisdictions below); and, Once sanctioned by the court, a scheme of arrangement binds all creditors and/or members in the relevant class or classes, including secured creditors (unlike CVAs), Companies can continue to trade throughout the process, Schemes of arrangement are less public than other insolvency procedures and so an insolvent company is less likely to suffer from negative publicity and a loss of reputation, Overseas companies may be able to effect a valid scheme of arrangement (but see Disadvantages of a scheme of arrangement below), The purposes for which a scheme of arrangement can be used are extensive and can range from restructuring debt to dealing with demergers, acquisitions and reductions of capital. of its terms, the effect of the scheme, whether multiple jurisdictions are The English scheme of arrangement is a very popular European restructuring tool. A Scheme of Arrangement, a statutory procedure in the UK, involves a company’s compromise of claims and rights of different classes of its members and creditors. At this hearing, the court will consider scheme of arrangement which has been sanctioned by the English courts, however That said, schemes of arrangement are regularly usedby insolvent companies in order to restructure debts or to agree a way forwardwith creditors in an effort to avoid insolvent liquidation. Where the If sufficient creditors in each class vote in favour of the Scheme, either in person or by proxy (more than 50% in number and 75% by value), the court holds a ‘Sanction/Fairness Hearing’ and considers representations from all relevant parties. We will never sell your data and promise to keep it secure. (see Corporate the scheme of arrangement. Creditors are notified of the first creditors’ meeting and receive an explanatory statement (ES) detailing the proposals to be included in the Scheme. scheme of arrangement on certain grounds, such as that a class was constituted legislation and regulations, which are beyond the scope of this note, apply in Creditors are divided into classes, for example those with a fixed charge, unsecured creditors, or those with common characteristics. Insolvency: Administration). 2017 has come and gone, with no notable London Market bar date in sight! scheme and the process used carefully; court approval of the scheme is not a for example, if the scheme is effecting a reduction of share capital. Good & Bad Leaver Provisions: How Do They Work? A Scheme of Arrangement under Part 9 of the Companies Act 2014 ("Part 9 Scheme") is a flexible mechanism which allows for the restructuring of a company's debt and / or shareholding. A scheme of arrangement (“Scheme”) is a statutory procedure under English law which allows a company to make an arrangement or compromise with its shareholders or creditors, or any class of them. How to say scheme of arrangement. A Scheme of Arrangement helps a company in the restructure of its debt, and aids recovery from financial distress. Through our wealth of expertise, RBR Advisory can take your business to the next level, Strictly Confidential - Get in touch with a specialist at RBR Advisory today, Providing an exceptional partner-led service to corporates and their support network, Here at Real Business Rescue we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry.

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