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82K likes. Award winning. Liability and Disclaimer. Their styles range from the flame wave of the … If you have accessibility or usability difficulties related to this 3rd party content, please call 800.338.6799. We have officially licensed USMC knives, knives with non-reflective finishes and boot knives. Handles are G-10. A series featuring the AXIS lock system and a great 3-D beveled handle. Contact. S&R KNIVES INC. 680 Rexdale Blvd, Unit 16 Etobicoke, ON M9W-0b5 PHONE: 416-675-6464 FAX: 416-675-6465 EMAIL: caledonb@gmail.com. Jul 27, 2020 - Explore MUHAMED AL's board "Tactical swords", followed by 306 people on Pinterest. Discount Knives and Swords Po Box 1402, Keene NH 03431 orders@discountknivesandswords.com All Rights Reserved, started manufacturing during the World War II, and since then the potential of the material and design of tactical knives has not diminished, working further for the better functioning of the, . We feature a huge collection of swords, knives and daggers for any collector. Made famous by their use in the Vietnam war. Carbon Shadow Automatic Dual Action OTF Knuckle Trench Style Knife, Carbon Phantom Automatic Dual Action OTF Knuckle Trench Style Knife, Golden Justice Damascus Steel Automatic Dual Action OTF Knife, Blue Diamond Damascus Steel Automatic Dual Action OTF Knife, Black Gold Damascus Steel Automatic Dual Action OTF Knife, The Vengeance Heavy Duty Automatic Out The Front Knife, Wicked Weaver Heavy Duty Dual Action Out The Front Knife, Ex-Communicando Automatic Dual Action Out the Front Knife, Taste of Revenge Large Automatic Dual Action OTF Knife, Swift Justice Automatic Dual-Action Out the Front Knife, Knuckle Spring Assist Trench Knife - Arctic Camo, © 2020 SwordsSwords.com . Cosplay foam swords from your favorite anime and manga series, Cold Steel knives and swords, medieval long-swords and everything in between. This time it is available with or without the special ASEK strap cutter. We are your source for swords, knives and ninja weapons at rock-bottom prices. Custom Longbows, 3 Piece Takedown Bows, Flatbows, & Exotic Styled Bows. Collectible Knives, Swords, Blades, Armors, and Accessories. New Store Policy Info. Knife Center has some of the most popular and best tactical knives that were made with our troops and your wallet in mind. Due to COVID-19 We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders and delays may arise. Shop for knives at Blade City including OTF knives, pocket knives, switchblades, & butterfly knives. Neck knives are easily concealed beneath a shirt or a jacket, and are easily accessible for emergency tactical situations. Nov 23,2020. American made tactical combat knives. Boot knives are backup knives, your last line of defense. Maxpedition founder Tim Tang draws on his passion for tactical knives and a decade of collaborations with the industry's top custom knife makers to debut this design. 841 Edison St NW, Ste. Handcrafted in the USA by John Gage. SOG has built a great assisted opening combat knife in this series. Holiday savings are here. Contact Us and Store Hours. Available. This is a great all purpose full size folding knife as well as a combat knife. Designed for the Special Operations Command's SERE (Survive, Escape, Resistance, Evasion) School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the SERE is a full-sized combat folder. The largest selection of Knives, Outdoor Equipment and Tactical Gear in Southern Africa. Portions of the following content are served by a 3rd party. See more ideas about tactical knives, cool knives, knives and swords. Re-introduction of a classic. Built tough and simple for performance. Home. Other than for military purpose, these can be used for self-defense as well as a survival knife. EDC Knives. Fixed blades with a great utilitarian style. Designed by the Legendary Colonel Rex Applegate, a man who knew as much as anybody about close quarters combat, these folding knives embody his vision of a folding combat knife. Whether you're parachuting into the dark jungle or need a reliable and good-looking tool around the house, a tactical knife is the only way to go. After all, there was always a debate about when a knife stopped being a … Handcrafted in the USA by John Gage. Heft any M16 and you'll know what that means. This is a futuristic style and great quality knife. 1000's of Knives From The UK's Leading Blades Supplier. This is a great series of folding combat knives built in the USA. For people who train for situations where their life in danger, the motto “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” keeps them going; and for the worst, they go prepared with their tactical knives. Greek Swords, Roman Swords, Ancient Swords, Movie Swords, Fantasy Swords. See more ideas about bowie knife, knives and swords, bowie. Available in several sizes and configurations. Because of their compactness, tactical knives are easy to carry. BUDK.com has the largest selection of knives and swords online! Knife Center has some of the most popular and best tactical knives that were made with our troops and your wallet in mind. Lots of fun and incredible photos and videos The handle of a combat knife allows its user to grip it in different angles, while handles of tactical knives are not built with this versatility. Shop for Products Featured On Instagram Here. These were designed by Shane Sibert to honor the courage and commitment exhibited by our fighting heroes. Built like a truck, this American made series is worth having when you need it! Past work. 841 Edison St NW, Ste. Spyderco crafts these in Colorado with the finest materials possible. Combat knife vs. Tactical knife: Distance management Collectible knives, swords, blades, armors, and accessories range in size from small folding pocket knives up to 40-inch Katanas and 44-inch Broadswords. With over 12 years of helping customers find just what they want, we are here to help you. Strong and fast opening, these are among the best, heavy duty folders we offer. Our selection below reveals the many looks and uses of tactical knives. Custom Swords Knives Bows & Spears. Handmade in Our Shop by Scorpion Swords & Knives. Tactical Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife Gray Brown Camo $20.39 6.9 Inches Tactical Necklace Boot Knife $4.51 Tactical Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife Black Gray Camo $24.15 American Flag 8 Inch 2 Piece Throwing Knives $17.80

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