the value and risk of creating an enterprise architecture

The economic value of enterprise architecture often comes as a result of nearing the ideal state of these two goals. Overview: Architecture Risk: Type: Risk: Definition: An architectural design that fails to meet project requirements. Now we are transforming our IT landscape, the processes of our organization and at the highest levels of maturity, transforming the fundamental business model of our company. The main concepts of this chapter are that EA represents a different way of looking at resources Enterprise architecture has many well-known benefits like providing insights and overview of structures and dependencies between processes and applications. The focus in general the enterprise … It provides a holistic, top down view of structure and systems, making it invaluable in managing the complexities of data-driven business.. Once considered solely a function of IT, enterprise architecture has … EA supports revenue generation and cost reduction by enabling faster, smarter projects. organizations must update and expand enterprise architectures to mitigate risk as they address regulatory and security needs. v|.9���0�FTF8sD3¥ �n8тHx�$Fh�q�4�x“�%\�:� ��u�@��Zi� g#�Pk$�I����.�m\�����ׂ\��>W�(�L��\O�y� )��n8��uՀ9�CQ�H��'�D��]ʸ,6>��x5"�޿�"����̚�����G�y�b�����CY4_`��^��X.��Ik:���@pC���bCT�o�I8X�q�\H��rQm���G��ƿ�V>�uޔu5���i0���6������2FgM|�ϼ-3`%�r�����3m��B杔�CW��JQ^[�`�G�"���@k��[8Zc,���H� �G�,(�S�����+�wnI2f/ �{X&�hVڍX��iY�G��n��yp2���un!cXvȤK�� �s�o"��wO�j:��m�p��S A�0V��i].��Kz�Y�]���1^����j�Q������|E� :y ��A�4l���c�M�Ht�����J��$��n��d����u�u�"�d�u n��������Jp�D�����C"�;H��H`O3����'�n�$��?I]y@y0a�)&�H|��=��@���#��9���IS�J;���;�aS���w�I�N����F`)w *�㍀�r1����7? Keywords: EA3, EA3 Cube. When technology and business goals are not aligned, you have the risk of non-technical people trying to make technical decisions while enterprise architects become too reactionary and tactical in response to projects. x�]�͊�@F�>E-�M��ުn��4��c�� j�i��b�"o?� �!�C�����������������4����.�u���ҩ��š��ӝ���\�f��~��d��U˩��c���k���{LL ��݆d����eJ�C��f��6�^��f�ľJ�����Wu'��w��x��tN�d�l�[_T��c�e=G�N)���3�o��R��=�UM�^���n�=�m�[�Cz�. Enterprise Studio is appreciated for accelerating the pace of change for teams and individuals. Many architecture initiatives fail because of a reliance on such frameworks. EA allows IT resource planning, decision The need for Enterprise Architecturecan be summed up by two of its main goals – aligning the business and its operations with IT, and bridging the gap between the organization’s current state, and its desired future state. How Does Enterprise Architecture Add Value to Organisations? ICT301 Enterprise Architecture Topic 02 The Value and Risk of Creating an Enterprise Architecture This topic discusses the value and risks associated with creating an enterprise-wide architecture. View CHAPTER-3.docx.pptx from AA 1The Value and Risk of Creating an Enterprise Architecture INTRODUCTION There is both value and risk associated with the establishment of an EA program in an Recite them on a regular basis to anyone willing to listen. Home » EA3 » EA3 Cube » EA3 Book » Section I: The Concept of Enterprise Architecture » Chapter 3: The Value and Risk of Creating an Enterprise Architecture. INTRODUCTION Enterprise architecture (EA) is the definition and representation of a high-level view of an enterprise‘s business processes and IT systems, their interrelationships, and the extent to which these processes and systems are shared by different parts of the enterprise. The main concepts of this chapter are that EA represents a different way of looking at resources across the enterprise, and that the significant cost of creating an EA must be justified in terms of the value that it will bring to users of EA products in their planning and decision-making activities.

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