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    SDA Velodromes
SDA Velodromes

Alkmaar 1984

Project description

Velodrome Size : 250 x 6 meters
Surface: Concrete

There was an existing concrete cycling track in Alkmaar. Because training sessions and races had to be canceled when it rained, an initiative group was formed to possible realization of a semi-covering. Sander Douma Architects designed the master plan which, after much lobbying, became reality in 1984.

When Amsterdam wanted to host the Olympic Games in 1992, the Alkmaar cycling track came into sight as a potential cycling accommodation. In the design phase, Sander Douma made a master plan for the track at Olympic level. That plan ended up in the official Amsterdam 1992 bid book to the IOC.

This was the start for Sander Douma towards international contacts within the cycling world.

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