The Process

Initiators for the realization of a cycling track can be diverse, such as an enthusiastic cycling club, local authority, national cycling federation or a national initiative such as Olympic Games, Mediteranian Games, PanAm Games, Asian Games etc!

In relation to the total investment of an (inter)national cycling accommodation, the costs of the cycling track sec are a small part, while it is the most important element!

The best is to start with the cycling track designer/builder and calculate the best shape of the track within the UCI principles and regulations.

Together with the desired level of the total complex (category 1, 2, 3 or 4), the grandstands (sightlines!), changing facilities, meeting, doping control and storage rooms are designed, taking into account the location regarding parking, entrances and escape routes, etc.

The general Plan

Choices from the planning stage:

  • Category total sports complex: 1, 2, 3 or 4;
  • Number of stands;
  • Size of cycling track, length, width;
  • Choice of materials for the cycling track;
  • Choice of material safety zone;
  • Accessibility middle ground;
  • Whether or not lowered middle area;
  • Layout – possibly multifunctional – midfield;
  • Etc. etc.

Once the final wish list is determined, the design process can begin and size of the building volume at the relevant location, logistics and parking can be studied.

The master plan emerges, along with investment estimates.

After presentation and processing of any comments, the final design can be made by SDA Velodromes/Sander Douma Architects or a local colleague.

Due to regulations (escape routes, fire requirements, etc.) the final plan will be worked out locally.

SDA Velodromes will calculate the final substructure of the cycling track and provide the necessary information to the local party regarding the structural engineering.

Building the Cyclingtrack

Calculation and ordering of all materials and equipment. Consider delivery time selection and preparation material for track surface. Transport to the construction site.

Construction cycling track starts as per final schedule. Basic team SDA together with local team of experienced and interested carpenters. ‘Construction time’ approx 6 to 8 weeks. Cycling track is placed as a kind of ‘furniture’.

The final results

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